Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


Actual size is a ____.
dimension used for information only
general term applied to the physical portion of a part
numerical value denoting exact size, profile, orientation, or location of a feature or datum
None of the above.


A(n) ____ is practical for many jobs because the sliding blade is adjustable and interchangeable with other blades.
double square
protractor depth gage
plain protractor
All of the above.

Multiple Response
Identify one or more choices that best complete the statement or answer the question.


Find the minimum and maximum tolerance of .1875 + .0003
                                                                             - .0000


Find the minimum and maximum tolerance .750 ± .006

Complete each statement.


A machinist can compare some surface finishes with required specifications by employing a surface ______________________________ standard.



Drawings made other than actual size are called ______________________________ drawings.



Assembly and ______________________________ drawings provide the information necessary to correctly fit the various parts together.



A proper drawing includes all ______________________________ in proper relation to one another needed to make the part.



Symbols, lines, and figures are employed to give drawings ______________________________.



Dimensions are needed to produce a(n) ______________________________.



A(n) ______________________________ dimension is a dimension used for information only.



The measured size of a part after manufacture is known as ______________________________ size.



______________________________ describes how closely all elements of a surface are to being in one plane.



______________________________ describes how closely an object's surface is to a straight line.



____________________ describes how close all elements of a line are to being parallel (equidistant) to a given plane or axis.



______________________________ indicates equally balanced proportions on either side of a central plane or datum.



All dimensions have a tolerance except _____ dimensions.



Dimensions placed between parentheses are _____ dimensions.



Surface plate grades are given in degrees of ______________________________.



The center of round stock can be found quickly with the ______________________________ and rule of a combination set.



The ______________________________ punch has a sharper point than the center punch.



Straight layout lines are drawn with a(n) ______________________________.



The ______________________________ caliper is a layout tool which has one leg shaped like an inside caliper, and the other pointed like a divider.



A(n) ______________________________ in the base of a surface gage permits the tool to be used on a curved surface.



When fitted with a(n) ______________________________, a surface gage can be employed to accurately check whether a specified surface is parallel with a given surface.



Round stock is usually supported on ______________________________ for layout and inspection work.



Angular lines can be laid out with the head and ______________________________ rule of a combination set.



Long flat surfaces can be checked for trueness with a(n) ______________________________.



A vernier protractor is used when a job requires ______________________________ accuracy in the layout or inspection of angles.



A vernier protractor can measure an angle with an accuracy of ______________________________ of a degree.


Short Answer


Why are standard-size drawings used?


How can a universal bevel be used?

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